Ruimtelijk werk | Mixed media | Glaskunst |Overig

Jenny Ritzenhoff

I became interested in investigating the identity of an in glass blown ‘double bubble’. In order to grasp the Gestalt of these explorative pieces I start grinding the ‘lover’ and making prints from its rim with acrylic colour. After that I grind and make a print again. I slice the forms and trace their cross-sections to create prints on paper, almost like an autopsy. I continue this process until their trace is physically gone. Yet they continue to exist in a different form of being. I wonder if slicing and ‘reducing’ these glass shapes into a sequence of two-dimensional images makes them easier to understand? Or does it merely take away the ‘magic’ of the piece? What happens if you try to rebuild the glass form? Can you reconstruct it into its original shape by using the prints as clues?


Ruimtelijk werk
Mixed media


Werk op stock

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